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Lifewave Patches

Dr. Aaron Sui

Acupuncture without the needles

What Is...

Lifewave Patches & PBM Therapy

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LifeWave technology is an advanced form of phototherapy utilizing a non-transdermal patch delivery system that is composed of organic crystals. When exposed to body heat the patch emits specific wavelengths of light which activate particular nerve and skin points on the body. LifeWave patches begin to work immediately upon placement.

Want to know more?

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Interesting in trying LifeWave Patches yourself? Dr. Sui can help with that! Just follow the link below to start your order today.

If you are interested in getting involved and becoming an affiliate, please go to the Team member page below.



2205 Lavista Road NE

Suite G

Atlanta, GA, 30329


We are located to the left of Kroger and across from the UPS store in the Toco Hills Shopping Center.

Clinic:  770-710-8539


Dr. Sui's Cellphone: 770-880-0310


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