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Conozca al Dr. Aaron Sui


  • Con licencia en Georgia por la Junta Estatal Compuesta de Examinadores Médicos

  • Licenciado en California por la Junta de Acupuntura de California

  • Diplomado en Acupuntura y Herbología China por la Certificación Nacional de la Comisión de Acupuntura y Medicina Oriental.

  • Diplomado en Medicina Tradicional China Dermatología 

Meet Our Team

Welcome to the Acupuncture ToGo team page! Our team is comprised of a growing network of dedicated individuals who work together to promote the benefits of LifeWave patches. These patches offer a convenient, on-the-go alternative to traditional acupuncture sessions, making it easier for people to access the healing benefits of this ancient practice.

Our team members are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. They come from a variety of backgrounds and have unique skillsets that enable them to provide personalized support and guidance to our clients. We invite you to meet our team members below and learn more about their individual journeys and expertise.

If you're interested in joining our team and becoming an affiliate, we welcome you to get in touch with us. As part of our team, you'll have access to exclusive resources, training, and support to help you grow your business and share the benefits of LifeWave patches with others. Join us today and become a part of our community of dedicated healers and wellness enthusiasts.

Team members coming soon...


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